Nov 9, 2011

Any One Know Any Good Horror Movies

Our blog publishing you the top and good list of horror movies. If you find any good horror movie, if we missed out to add, you can submit a comment to add that particular movie into this good horror movies list. Here we are posting only top scary movies. These are selected as the best top horror movies list ever. If any one know any good horror movie, they can add in comment box as well as they can rate these scary films.


1. 'The Exorcist'
2. 'Rosemary's Baby'
3. 'The Omen'
4. 'Poltergeist'
5. 'The Shining'
6. 'The Amityville Horror'
7. 'Alien'
8. 'The Sixth Sense'
9. 'Halloween'
10. 'The Changeling'

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